Wednesday, November 29, 2006

we're an amrican band

"..we're comin to your town, we'll help you party it down.."

Saturday, we saw a band made up of ex-pats from Europe and the U.S. at Q'BA, the club my cousing Atul is a partner in. Though I normally don't go for bands doing coffeehouse style covers of eighties hits and classic rock, they had decent taste in song selections, including one by Joy Division and the song Tainted Love. One by The Frogs would have been great to hear, but that's asking a lot. Anyway, the resident DJ, Boo, is really solid and held things down before, after, and in between. The food is REALLY good. Go there.

Vikas, I hope you're still not mad about the hole we burned
in your back porch at your party. thanks in advance for bringing our mail over with you in December.

It's really amusing that I refer to Mitra as 'madame' when speaking hindi to various people, taxi drivers, hotel staff, the guest house staff. That's only because that's how they identify her. Otherwise, i would beat them with sticks, just kidding. I bet Naya will start calling Mitra 'madame' soon also since she picks up and freely uses whatever she hears us being referred to as these days.

The guest house has been much better than the hotel. The home cooking is great. One of the 2 boys who works here is Assamese and Mitra was thinking of hiring him away to our flat when we move in - that's right we found a place! It's in Safdarjung Enclave, apparently one of the oldest hoods in New Delhi. Vikas, i'm sorry you won't be able to burn a hole in our floor because the whole thing is made of marble. It's got great light for the room where i'll be setting up my painting studio, plus other modern conveniences, like an elevator to the second (aka top)floor so our elders don't need to hoof it up 4 flights. Best of all it's close to Connaught Place, near a clean green park for Naya to play and explore, and relatively mellow and uncongested compare to the other areas where we were looking.


Madhusmita said...

congratulation, guys!
Safdar Jung Enclave is a great pick.
When do you move?

Pete said...

Must be nice to find a place finally... I guess I need to send you guys some new decorations now that the kokopellis have broke.