Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tandoori Turkey?

I wish... We are awaiting room service and an order of tandoori chicken and naan. Nitin ordered apple pie a la mode to appease my longing for Thanksgiving. But room service just called and said it is unavailable tonight. Still no flat found so I don't feel as thankful as I could. It's not that we can't afford some of the things we're seeing but it's more the idea that we are being taken for a ride. I often hate that part of being a foreigner, even in a land where people look like you -- you'll get in a car with a driver, spend a lovely eight hours together and then at payment time, somehow the distance between Connaught Place and Purana Delhi has become 100 km.

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Madhusmita said...

I think you guys will come back more American :)
Saurav and I went for a stroll this morning, savoring a beautiful Sunday. We came across some deer, a wedding band and Suburban Sahibs gracing a prominent window space at a university bookstore. I miss talking to you, Mitra. Have fun in Delhi, oh and if you get a chance go to Karim's for dinner.