Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It's the Final Countdown...

Sitting in our friends Pete and Ericka's wedding rehearsal at the Red Rocks Chapel on November 3rd, this was the ring tone from the band 'Europe' that emitted from the mobile of someone who forgot to do the courtesy of turning it off. Still, I found the incident it to be very appropriate for the occasion at hand, as well our current predicament of departing the States in less than 3 days.
Colorado was a great getaway after meeting the November 1 deadline to vacate our home in DC, sell our car, donate, sell or otherwise dispose of as many of our possessions as possible. This act of purging was a liberating yet exhausting experience. Given the context of being on the verge of leaving the country for a couple of years, I observe and relish the American landscape with a sort of pre-nostalgia - everything from the Rockies to redneck bars to giant grocery stores.

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