Monday, November 20, 2006

The Eagles Have Landed

Get it? it's code for us Americanos.

So far, it hasn't been hard to shake the usual mindset i fall into when i visit India, when you might be on vacation, supplementing most meals with a Kingfisher (they have an airline?). Rather, the last 2 days have been more like a continuation of the 60 day evacuation drill we began in DC, and now we're trying to find a place to live other than this hotel. It's not so bad staying here, but for some reason, on the way to the Coffee Shop on the 1st floor where we dine every morning, there's the same eerie violin music playing which i know is from a famous horror movie, and makes me feel a bit like Jack Torrance.

I took Naya to Nehru Park across the street yesterday, nice, however we never found the swing set or jungle gym. There were lots of rocks to climb to make up for that, and we caught the tail end of a classical concert.

We had dinner with cousin Gaurav and his wife Mrinalini on Saturday night at a place called Punjabi by Nature. Mitra joked that she and Mumi were Punjabi by Nature because of marrying us, but i guess that would be by Nurture. I joked that the name would be good for a band, with a song called O.P.P. - these have been the only real breaks thus far in the house hunting missions we've been embarking on in the 48 hours since our arrival. the verdict is still out on where we're moving, but the cast of characters has been colorful. The last agent who showed places had us follow him around on his motorcycle while he talked on his celly - conjuring a renegade Delhi real estate guy, if there is such a thing!

We all pass out at 6:30pm after the day's house hunt, waking up at 1:30am today, our bodies just as confused by the 1o.5 hour time advance as the night we arrived. The Coffee Shop opens in 2 hours and we are starving.

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