Friday, November 24, 2006

Bird is the Word

We had a Thanksgiving dinner in our hotel room. A full tandoori chicken, 1 naan, 1 raita and 1 Kingfisher. This definitely isn't Kansas, but thank Rama for that, Kansas REALLY bums me out. A turkey dinner with some other family or friends would have been nice though. We were too tired from the preceding 5 hours of looking at rental flats to attempt more than room service. Many of the places we've seen are starting to blur together and i'm tempted to flip a rupee coin and just take one. This is getting depressing. Everyone seems to want in on the action to hook the NRI's (Non Resident Indian) up with a place, even the taxi drivers who overhear conversations start calling up their friends who might know of places and tell us they have something we can check out en route. The stakes are must being high.

I'm starting to appreciate the advice Mitra's mom gave me - 'don't trust anybody'. It's been about a week since we got here today, and I still feel like we just got off the plane. It's tough to feel settled when you live in a hotel. My parents got into town Tuesday so we spent the day with them at my grandmother's place in old Delhi where my Guddi Masi still lives having home cooking. It was a welcome change from the hotel living. It's not that the hotel stinks or anything, the gym is all digital, the exercise machines brand is 'technogym' and they have a DJ, the restaurants are Afghan, Korean, Chinese, Russian, 2 Indian and a Lebanese, plus 2 clubs that the youngsters clamour to get into on the weekends - you could do a lot worse as hotels go. We are moving to a guest house in 2 days for a more home grown lifestyle until we find our own place.

Naya played with some swans outside yesterday (video clip here) and today she went to a huge playground next to India Gate built by Suzuki/Maruti. It's good to see a well maintained recreational place where all kids and families are welcome in Delhi regardless of economic status, caste, etc. - I guess that's something to be thankful for.


La La Land said...

Next time for a holiday dinner you should have LOBSTER! (Is there lobster in India??) But Mitra, use a lobster cracker and not your teeth. This ain't "Splash".

Miss you guys!

j said...
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Tharini said...

Kansas is GREAT - shouldn't bum you out!!

I love the blog - please keep updating with pics and videos of Naya!!

Saba said...

WE miss Naya - Zaid said her name the other day...i guess we miss you guys a bit too...keep up the blog; it feels like I can reach out and touch you (but this time the lights are on)