Sunday, September 30, 2007

A toddler's post9/11 world

Today after calling on Nitin's aunt (Guddi Masi), I went to Sarojini Nagar market with my aunt and uncle and sister-in-law (Bhanu Pehi, Peha and Rishika). I have been trying to hunt down tasteful black and silver sandals and finally spotted a pair so I took my shoes off on the carpet before the stall to try them on.

Naya, of course, also did the same and the laughing attendant told her, "Aap peheleh bara hogaya aur baad please ao" (OK my Hindi aint great so I might have dropped a few words but he basically said -- You get big and then you come back please). Anyway she, too, laughed and started to pat my legs down. My uncle asked what she was doing. Used to the weird child--and admiring my feet--I paid no attention.

Then she said in a sharp voice, "Turn around."

I did, just to humour here.

"Hands out," she barked.

I burst out laughing. Taking my shoes off triggered her to pretend we were boarding an airplane and she was patting me down and pretending to wand me!

(Postscript, when I was talking to my other sister-in-law in Hyderabad tonight, Naya kept interrupting with "what's her name" and "what's her baby's name". Then when she overheard me saying the baby had been sick, Naya said "please ask what is the doctor's name." I did and my sister-in-law also began laughing and said, "Junior reporter Naya! You are breeding another you...")

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