Sunday, September 16, 2007

Felicia and the dishes

My dear friend Manish said he stopped reading this blog once I complained about servants. I don't think he was entirely right but what's accuracy to a bunch of desiwriters like us? Anyway, this isn't a complaint but a random observation. When people come over, Felicia has a hierarchy of dishes that she has devised. The woman who threads and waxes and massages gets her tea and snacks in plastic-like dishes. The driver's is in stainless steel. On a daialy basis, me and Nit get the crockery from Dilli Haat. Our guests get the imported blue plates from the US.

Before Manish flogs me, I should say that my mum has a similar system with her china for guests, ranging from VIPs to drop-ins -- but servants don't figure anywhere in that. The cleaning lady -- like us -- always got her lunch served up on Corningware. (As an aside, once my parents told the cleaning lady to help herself to orange juice and toast when she showed up in the morning. The woman (who was Polish and I say that as fact) must not have completely understood because she took the whole half-gallon container and the half-loaf home!)

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