Sunday, September 23, 2007

They're here...

The guard at Indira Gandhi International Airport kept saying, "Arey Madame, please, piche jao." Please madame, move back.
I was waiting right smack in the middle to catch a strain of her after a week away. And I was rewarded for that. As soon as Naya saw me from a few hundred feet away, she began laughing and running to me. It was the very bestest feeling I think I have ever had...
But followed by sadness. In the car, when I called my mom to say they were here, Naya took the phone and her lip trembled and she said, "Aita, I missed you." Then she burst into tears and wouldn't take the phone.
On the way home, she kept saying she didn't want to go home.
Nonetheless, she had a similar joyful reaction of running around when she saw Felicia. I changed her and we settled in with The Lion King book. In the middle of the story, again she started crying -- no reason.
"Did you bite your tongue?" I asked.
She shook her head.
"Then what's wrong?"
"Aita," she sobbed. "I want Aita."
"Should I call her on the phone?"
She nodded and I did. My mother happened to be at a wedding.
"Mamu!" I could hear her shriek through the phone.
Naya just cried and cried. She wouldn't say anything.
I hung up, we finished the book and she went to sleep.
Today she has been fine, excited by the stuff in her suitcases. But she reminds me more of myself than ever before - but even more sensitive and mature.

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Randi said...

hey Mitra, long time no speak... Glad to hear your family is together again and Naya sounds adorable. All my best...