Saturday, August 4, 2007


Due to no demand whatsoever (hee hee), I'm attaching one of the new paintings I've done here. I would welcome any feedback/speculations so please feel free to comment!

Sociodermis, 48"x36", oil on canvas, 2007


Kiran said...

Nitin, we really like the painting.

Mom and Dad

Bhav said...

Nit, love it. what's the story behind it?

Nitin said...

Thanks Bhav,

Since you asked, here's a brief note on this one:

"By contrasting the spaces of both urban and terrestrial landscape, this work alludes to the decay of the man made as it is reclaimed by the forces of nature which allowed it to come into being in the first place. It's especially in Delhi one gets a sense of this process - past ages still linger while visibly fading into the present.

The use of photographic references and textural patterns create a tense unity between object surface and pictorial content, abstraction and representation, via precise imagery set over a surface of seemingly random or spontaneously occurring marks.

These contrasting forms allude to views that are both macro and micro, the relationship of parts to a whole, as well as the parallels between patterns of biological systems and social organization via semi abstract landscape"