Sunday, August 26, 2007

A flat moment

I had a Tom Friedman moment just now, which you know is rare in my India.
I was going through my wallet in search of my links to the US - Costco, Bally and Safeway cards. And then I finally found my credit cards -- all except my AmEx are expired. I remembered I had a big phat credit on the card (I know, shocking, given our poor bookkeeping between the two countries). Anyway I called the 800 number and got an obvious Indian call centre.

Her: Please ma'am, can you spell your name for me?
Me: S-A-N-G... (you know)
Her: Oh lovely, that was my best friend's name in school!
Me: Cool. (I'm playing it cool, cuz I know she's Indian and right up the road.)
Her: Now for verification, can you give me your mother's birthday?
Me: She has two, but I think it's XXX. (I'm not giving it to you, dear blog reader:)
Her: Two burdaes -- you must be Indian!
Me: Yes.
Her: When was the last time you were in India?
Me: Right now.
Her: Oh, so you're visiting.
Me: No, I'm about to go visit the States.
Her: (She acts normal and gets back to business.) Your address, please?
Me: I have a few and I forget what I put on this card. Let's start with 9 Rosewood Court in New Jersey.
Her: No, sorry, ma'am.
Me: Oh then 1404 Otis St NE in DC.
Her: Yes, by the way, where in India are you from?
Me: Assam.
Her: Oh! I am from Shillong!!
Me: Wowsers, my father went to Anthony's.
Her: Oh my mother went to Loretto Convent (I think it's a sister school)
Me: Amazing. Are you in the Gurgaon office?
Her: Yes, we just shifted to a new office yesterday in DLF Phase V and the new place is just awesome.
Me: Ahh, sounds nice. I was just there recently.
Her: So how long will you be in India?
Me: I live here. (And then remembering it's a US-based credit card, issued by The Washington Post, no less.) Well, sometimes. I also live at 1404 Otis St NE.... I go back and forth.

Indeed. I bet she knew exactly what I meant.

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Katia said...

Mitra - Are you coming to NYC? If so, please call! I'm getting big!