Tuesday, April 22, 2008


My favourite actress has let me down... U Me Aur Hum royally sucked. You name a cliche - instant love, drunken machismo, strange Europeans of unknown origins lurking about, random disease -- and this was the movie. Oh how could she!


the mad momma said...

so why is she your favourite to begin with? i think her acting is over rated. almost all not-so-goodlooking actresses get to be called 'good actresses - kajol, konkona sen, raima sen... the lot.

truly good actresses were smita patil and shabana azmi.

kajol is as good or bas as preity or kareena or anyone.

S. Mitra Kalita said...

no way... i think she is gorgeous and loved her in DDLJ, kuch kuch hota hai, even k3g. i also liked shabana azmi (and she even did an assamese-inspired movie!) but kajol i like for being a part of the new india but still not plucking in between her eyebrows, her hips being the kind that don't lie etc etc.