Monday, October 29, 2007


I have decided (in case my fellow Assamese brethren care) that being an Assamese married to a Punju is the best combo. Here's why:
Durga Puja
Diwali and all its adornments
Festivals for much of India focus on one holiday - in the east, there's puja; in the west, Ganpati; north Diwali; south Deepavalli and maybe Onam? But if you're an Assamese Punju combo, we get it all. And so our last few days have demonstrated:

Durga Puja worship in Assam in a crazy section of Guwahati with five pandals clustered together, rides, food, bazaars and an overall great vibe that makes Delhi's CR Park (Bong hood) look like Christmas in Tel Aviv or something.

Then a Navratri party in Delhi a few days later. (Those fun-loving Punjabis have adopted it and love it as their own. We are more than mere posers since Nitin's dad grew up in Ahmedabad and Nit did a fellowship there).

And these last few days have been Diwali parties - cards till 5 am the other night, melas, invitations to more, Karva Chauth is tomorrow. Not that fasting is fun but gifts and the husband joining in certainly are...

And then we Assamese are lucky enough to have two Bihus, which match Lodi and Vaisakhi... And include more dancing, revelry and food...

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