Saturday, March 5, 2011

Metal vintage kitchen cabinets

We had planned on a gut renovation but a walk-through with our architect and Nitin's good eye made us look at these orange metal cabinets from the 1950s with fresh perspective. We're now trying to figure out whether we can integrate the metal with our very old antique Indian furniture and perhaps some newer cabinetry/countertop to bridge these two worlds. If anyone has ideas, holler. I've been looking through the web site that seems the Bible on this stuff -- run by Pam Kueber -- but am not seeing a blend of the metal "mod" look with the heavy wooden antique style that Indian furniture almost forces.


50s Pam said...


50s Pam said...

Lyons. See them in original glory here:

Also be sure to see our Forum, where we have identified more than 70 brands of vintage steel kitchen cabinets.


charlotte said...

Hi to both of you!! we have the Lyon steel cabinets-were painted an aqua blue. we took the fronts into a car-restorer and he totally stripped them so they look like stainless steel. There were some parts we couldn't remove and stripped ourselves-which started rusting. The rusting parts actually look kinda cool!!
We are, though, planning a new kitchen, as it really doesn't go with our gingerbread tudor, and we have a baby on the way. So we are looking to sell them and have NO idea what to ask. Any ideas?? -Charlotte in Chicago

S. Mitra Kalita said...

charlotte, can you drop me a line at mitra,kalita At wsj dot com. I am blogging this process over at the WSJ now and would love to talk to you. thanks! (and send me a pic of those cabinets!)