Sunday, March 9, 2008

The columns are back

Some of you are not going to - shame on you - so I am posting the columns from the last few weeks here in one swoop so you can get my thoughts on the Tata Nano $2200 car, job placements at the Indian Institutes of Management, vocation education and men... Among other themes. Have fun.

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Pete said...

Well, if we're not going to livemint to read them, we're not going to go there to read them AFTER you've posted them here.

So aren't you, in a sense, stealing hit numbers from livemint by posting the columns here?

At least from those of us who were still going there?

Interesting read, incidentally, today in Romenesko about the whole New York Times/livemint flap.

Look forward to discussing it with you ... next week!