Sunday, November 11, 2007


We did a Diwali/kali puja in our own madeup way. I tried to postulate in prayer but Naya kept kicking my head so I got up and just folded my hands and thanked god and asked for blessings. Naya, her usual impish self, tried to eat the mithai (sweets) I had laid out as an offering. "That's for god," I told her. "You can have from this part," showing her the box.
She obliged.
Naya comes running to me in the living room. "Mommy, God didn't eat the mithai!"
"Oh..." I said stumped. Should I say god is pretend? Like Santa Claus? That we would give it to poor people instead?
Then she went to the mandir, grabs the Ganesh idol and tries to force-feed him the sweet.
Seeing me giving no answers, she ran into Nitin's studio.
"Papa!" she said. "Ganeshji is not listening to me. He HAS to eat the mithai."
Note to self for next Diwali...

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