Tuesday, April 17, 2007

City of Gins -- and hot dogs

We had hot dogs for dinner tonight so finally the vats of BBQ sauce from Costco came in handy. This meal was thanks to Naya's demand that she wanted "hot dogs and ice cream." So we had the franks, rajma-chavel -- and apples for dessert. All Indian-American, I think...

Also last night we saw an outdoor, experiential, environmental play based on Dalrymple's book "City of Djinns." I generally liked it but was impacted both as a fireng and an Indian, and understanding of what both sides were getting it. Tom ALter, who always plays the British villain in Bollywood, was very good and the band, perched atop the dome of the mahal, was really transcending, in terms of time and place and mood... This is a different Delhi that Dalrymple's circa 1989 but a lot of his displacement and change and hang-ups of the city are the same. Although I jokingly said to Nitin that modern Delhi, circa post-liberalization 2007 in the cliched New India, was more like a City of Gin...

A Sufi mystic from City of Djinns

Tom Alter and Zohra Segal in City of Djinns

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