Tuesday, December 12, 2006

False Start

Today is Naya's first day of school at a place called Little Pearls. We spent a couple of hours there yesterday, which we thought would be her first day, but this past Monday was a holiday since they had a big sports day event on Sunday.
That was funny, given the drill of getting up early, packing all her stuff, picking out her clothes, generally scrambling. We were video taping in the car all the way there, even as she entered the school - then we walk into a silent lobby where a woman tells us all the student are home today. Hee-larious. Still, Naya got a great personal tour and seemed to love it all- from the bouncy room filled with balls to the live animals, separate rooms for art and music, murals all over the walls, plus lots of things to climb on, over and through. I would have loved to have a pre-school like this, who knows, maybe I did and that's why I became an artist? My parents joined us as well, since we've all been having a sleep over at our place for the last couple of nights between the barrage of parties we've all been attending for about four days straight. It kicked off with a wedding reception for my cousin Madhur at the Indian Air Force grounds (see video clip above) and wrapped up with a housewarming/bar christening at my cousin Gaurav's. No wonder I keep waking up in the middle of the night to drink mineral water.

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